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School Year Programs

Forest Day ~ Flagship Program

September through June Weekly on Wednesdays 12:00pm-4:00pm Redmond, WA ages 8-12

This is a weekly program designed for children to become immersed in a community with their peers who come together each week to build on the skills and practices of nature connection.

A collective environment which allows children to form community through shared experiences and deepen connection with earth, self and each other.

We begin each Forest Day with an acknowledgement of gratitude for the natural world around us and everything that it provides. Children learn quickly and authentically to identify all of the things around them in which they are grateful for. This is a precious and important practice and a theme that is held throughout the day.

Students are taught how to safely use knives as tools for skills such as fire building, carving and crafting. There is a strong focus on community building through working together on shelter creating, fire building, cooperative nature games and conflict resolution.

This program is designed to  build self confidence and awareness in ourselves and nature.

Scholarship options available. Contact us for more info.


Briana “Bri” McFarland

Bri is a Pacific Northwest native. She grew up picking huckleberries barefoot, climbing trees and catching frogs in the foothills of the Cascades.
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Brad Mrozinski

Brad grew up exploring the backwoods of southern Indiana. He has trained at Tom Brown Tracker School, Alderleaf Wilderness College, and Wilderness Awareness School. Brad is an expert in wilderness survival.
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Dougie “Coal” Short

Dougie was raised running wild in the Oxfordshire countryside, in the days before cell phones, and when there were only three channels on a black and white TV.
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Keep a little fire burning,
no matter how small,
no matter how hidden.
Cormac McCarthy