Praise for Ignite

I’m beyond impressed with these bow drill fire kits! Tears in my eyes and I am over the moon so happy that my children are with you on Wednesdays. We are all so happy! These are the skills that I wish I could teach them ~ and now they can teach me!

I am so impressed and so happy that Bri and Dougie are my children’s mentors. So blessed.

Meagan F
Mother of Shyah (9) and Dax (7)

My kids love Ignite Nature camps! Briana and her team are amazing at showing kids a love and respect for nature and the outdoors. These camps were a lifesaver during the colder months when my kids were stuck indoors with nothing really to do but play on their devices.  I loved getting my kids off of their devices and into nature, where they could have brand new experiences!

My kids love the camps because they learn how to carve wood and build forts. They also love learning outdoor survival skills and getting to meet new friends!

Lindsey G
Mother of Tomasin (10) and Finley (8)

My two children participated in the school year program with Ignite Nature Connection.  It was by far their most favorite weekly activity! Bri is wonderful with the children and connected with them quickly and easily. They’ve gained practical skills that built their self confidence and spent time in beautiful natural places which have deepened their love of earth.

We had such a wonderful experience.  We’ll definitely continue with the school year program and sign up for summer camps as well!

Stephanie T
Mother of Connor (8) and Noelle (5)

My kids have so much fun being out in nature with other kids through Ignite Nature Connection.  They learn valuable skills like building shelters, creating fire, and searching for and identifying wild edible foods in the forest. All while playing fun and active games and meeting new people.  

Soaking up nature in the woods or by the ocean and cooking their own snacks over a fire that they built, really rejuvenates my kids.

Sonja T
Mother of Anna (12) and Sofie (9)

Before my son joined Ignite Nature Connection’s Urban Conifers program, he was hesitant to get dirty or spend time playing in the woods. Now he loves, loves, loves playing in the forest and has learned to be happy while getting dirty.  He has learned how to use a knife and build fire.

I am so proud of him and happy for all of his personal growth through this program. It is a wonderful opportunity for him to interact with his peers in a safe and adventurous setting.

Mother of Calvin (12)
Keep a little fire burning,
no matter how small,
no matter how hidden.
Cormac McCarthy
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