Summer Camps

The Nature of a Scout

Mon - Wed; August 14th - 16th, 9:00am-3:00pm Discovery Park Ages 7-13; $280

Explore the woods while learning to camouflage yourself into your environment. Blend in with the forest flora while scouting and hiding from the other tribes! Enjoy scavenger hunts, blindfold drum stalks, and sneaking through the forest like a coyote. Learn the nature of a PNW scout while diving deep into nature connection.

Scholarship options available. Contact us for more info.


Briana “Bri” McFarland

Bri is a Pacific Northwest native. She grew up picking huckleberries barefoot, climbing trees and catching frogs in the foothills of the Cascades.
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Dougie “Coal” Short

Dougie was raised running wild in the Oxfordshire countryside, in the days before cell phones, and when there were only three channels on a black and white TV.
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Keep a little fire burning,
no matter how small,
no matter how hidden.
Cormac McCarthy